Ultrasonic Testing (UT)-Level 2


Ultrasonic Testing-UT Level II Certification Course

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Ultrasonic Testing – UT Level II Certification Course

Ultrasonic Testing Syllabus is as per ASNT SNT TC 1A-2016 which trains participants so that they gain sound practical& theoretical knowledge to work under supervision of NDT UT Level III experts. It is required to have good health, positive mindset & technical skills to perform calibration and inspection as per written instruction under supervision of NDT UT Level III.

Indian and International professionals prefer Non-Destructive Testing Level 2 Certification Training in Greater Noida, India to create a bright future in Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Aircraft, Refinery, Airspace-ship and other mechanical industry, by availing the NDT Level 2 International Certification  Course.


 NDT Level II Syllabus     

Course Syllabus

Principle and Type of Ultrasonic Propagation

Properties of Ultrasonic

Types of Transducers Review and Exercises

Ultrasonic Testing Methods

Ultrasonic Testing Techniques

Calibration of Equipment Review and Exercises

Instrument Control

Method for Evaluating Discontinuities

Ultrasonic Testing Procedures for different component Review and Exercises

Ultrasonic Testing Procedures for Welds

Limitation & Code Requirement

Acceptance Criteria for Weld Metals Review and Exercises

After successful completion of training, participants will be appearing for Level II exam.

Participants will be certified as NDT UT Level II after successfully clearing the exam.