Staying updated is the key to thrive in this competitive age. Our training courses are designed by industry experts and make you and your team proactive in the plan and execution. We offer onsite and offsite solutions for professionals in the following domains.

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Business Communication
  • Effective Human Resource Management
  • Work Ethics & Organizational Culture
  • Time Management
  • Interview Skills - Presenting Your Best Self
  • Train The Trainer

The participants have the option to choose from various course durations:

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • 1 month (4 weekends


With the right sales training program, businesses can boost sales figures and bring in more revenue. The right program can also help by:

  • Boosting confidence and building the right habits for new or underperforming sales professionals.
  • More experienced teams – can get back to basics, identify areas of weakness and improve on past results.
  • Allowing managers to focus on and improve the sales process by taking advantage of new trends and implementing new technology.
  • Making integrity and honest communication the cornerstone of the sales process, enhancing customer relationships.

Our sales training programs are carefully designed to boost the earning potential of the sales team by focusing on a range of skills, from negotiation, convincing and selling for B2B or retail, to presentations and consultative selling.

Customer Service

The relationships developed through a single great customer service experience not only can help deliver a sale, it can create a loyal customer that ensures repeat sales for years to come.

Our training provides advanced customer service tips and tools for you and your team, based on the content area or competency you want to improve. Here’s what you can expect to go home with:

  • Learn about customer service skills that create positive first impressions
  • Manage customer expectations and build customer loyalty
  • Develop behaviors to offer exceptional customer care
  • Provide effective solutions to customer facing problems, when they arise, with alignment towards the most frequent method of communication used to connect with your customers, e.g. face to face, telephone, email.

Business Communication

Business communication is critical to companies because it allows companies to be productive and operate effectively. Employees can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the communication chain in an organization.

We are committed to help professionals manage their business relationships and professional reputations by developing better business communication skills. As a result, you can work better with others, decrease silos, increase partnerships and get more done in less time. Here’s what we focus on:

  • Identifying the purpose of each communication
  • Customizing the message for different audiences to achieve greater results
  • Organizing communication to make information quick and easy to find
  • Presenting information to suit the target audience

Effective Human Resource Management

One of the few things every business and organization has in common is its fundamental reliance on human resources.  Exactly how well or otherwise a business performs will always be determined by the human resources that make up the workforce.  Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing the creation, development, advancement and general management of the workforce.  From initial hiring to ongoing training and right through to disciplinary proceedings, the HR manager is the linchpin that holds the team together.

Providing an overview of the basics of both HR as a concept and the role of the HR manager, the course is ideally suited to existing HR workers and newcomers to the industry.

Our focus is on three primary topics, which include an overview of:

  • HR management
  • The fundamentals of candidate recruitment
  • An exploration of ongoing staff training and development


Work Ethics & Organizational Culture

Having the right attitude is far more powerful and useful than all the written rules in the world.

This course explores the interaction between ethics, attitude and some workplace laws – with their application in the workplace.

The program discusses ethical and legal dilemmas, changes over time, some workplace laws, differences in international business, the question of whether social responsibility should or should not be a workplace mandate, attitudes and how they affect laws and how moral beliefs changed over time.

The examples given are from real workplace experiences and some of them will have the participant wondering whether his or her prior opinion continues to be valid.

Finally, there will be a series of tips to make a code of ethics live and breathe inside the workplace to positively impact organizational culture.

Time Management

Time management is a myth, but our aim is to make it a reality in practical sense.

What this course will teach you, is the concept of “Task Management.” In other words, it will teach you how to accomplish more high value tasks, so that you get a 10X greater return for all of the work you put in every hour.

Using the principles of the 20/80 Rule and Parkinson’s law, you will learn how to increase the value of the things you do within your limited time, so that you can have as much as 200X greater impact from what you do.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to get 10X more donein half as much time
  • The #1 Key to effective time management
  • How to identify the highest value tasksin your business that bring the most revenue and profit
  • How to ONLY do the highest 1% of activitiesthat brings the lion’s share of rewards
  • How to create a successful routinethat consistently brings you successful results
  • 7 ways to guarantee that you get things done

Interview Skills

Interviewing skills are essential for job hunters. Imagine walking into every job interview knowing that you are going to come across your very best! Imagine getting your dream job! You will be excellent at job interviewing skills.

As you attend the training, expect to achieve the following:

  • You will know how to showcase your strengths and accomplishments in every job interview.
  • You will learn secrets in preparation and planning that go beyond just checking out a company’s website.
  • Employers will take notice of you; you won’t be lost in the pack.
  • Finally, you will learn a foolproof system for eliminating nervousness before any job interview.

Train The Trainer

As a trainer, you need practical exercises and “real life” scenarios in your training. Therefore, we have ensured that the training has a lot of hands-on exercises and practical tips. At the completion of the program, you will be ready to design and conduct your own training sessions.

This course will equip you from the beginner to advanced levels with all the tools and techniques necessary to deliver successful workshops or training courses. Each trainer is taken through a series of interventions, assessments and practical exercises before the certification is awarded.  

The workshop is packed with new insights, advanced methods and multiple approaches to ensure that trainers have the upper hand when it comes to creating and delivering programs to an audience of any cross section or at any level in the hierarchy.