Content Writing:-

Content writing is writing about any topic given by the client for the goals set by the client. For example, one can write articles for a website’s blog to highlight the main service of that website. This type of content writing achieves the goal of adding more information about that service in that website, plus adding new and good content to that website gives a boost to its traffic as well.

The job of a content writer is to write good content as per the requirements given by the client and suit their needs. To write an article for a client’s website highlighting the automotive industry in today’s e-commerce era, I would research the automotive industry, e-commerce trends in India, general buying/selling trends in India, and anything that can help me write an informative piece of content. I’ll use this research to draft a piece that suits the needs of the client, which can be about increasing the authority of the website on the said subject matter. I’ll use relevant images and keywords to make this piece SEO-friendly, because after all my piece is going to be online. 

When it comes to the general rules of content writing, there is still a lot that can be done. I will specifically address the points mentioned in the comment on the question here.

1. Keywords: Keywords need to be used if you want your page to be found. That goes without saying. But using keywords in just the right way is equally necessary. There are a few points that you need to keep in mind when it comes to using the keywords.

a. Make sure they are relevant: Your company might be doing a lot of things, but each of your individual blogs is about a certain topic. Make sure the keywords you use are relevant in general for your company but more importantly, for the topic that you have chosen. For example, at Scripto, we work on designing as well as content writing, among other things. However, if a blog we post is about content writing, we will not be using design related keywords in it.

b. Ensure proper density: While writing the article, the keywords, along with the topic, is the foundation over and around which you develop the content. However, when a reader goes through your work, it should not look like you have typed the keywords again and again, with bits and pieces of other words thrown in between. The keywords should be a seamless part of your blog. Hence, the density of the keywords used should be kept at an optimum level. Remember, keywords are for the search engines. Your readers are there for the content.

c. Proper placing: Keywords can be used in a lot of places: the title, Metatext, content, etc. Know the hierarchy of your keywords. Try and incorporate the most important ones in your title, next set in the Metatext and as many as possible in the content.

2. Uniqueness: Like I said, your readers are there for the content, not the keywords. Your content should be unique enough that it offers more to the visitor than your site’s competitors. Apart from the readers, search engines also tend to penalize pages that copy or plagiarise content from other sites. Make sure your pages’ content, as well as offerings, are unique enough to entice both, the visitor as well as search engines.

3. Avoid black hat SEO: This is one exception to the point where I said, no golden rules exist. This is one. Never, ever use black hat tricks. These include transparent text, invisible text, keyword stuffing, etc. Google and other search engines mark and flag these pages down. If you want your business website to flourish properly, it’s always advisable to take the front gate.

There are many things that go into developing a perfectly optimized content, more than what can be just typed here. I have already answered a few other questions about how one can be good content writing, you can check it out here.

As I said, there is a lot more to SEO content writing that can be mentioned in a single answer but I hope I covered the main points that were mentioned in the question details.

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